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Calacatta Nano Glass Countertop Vs Calacatt Quartz Countertop

July 31, 2021

The countertop of the kitchen is a very important part in people’s daily life. Therefore, the selection of materials is also a very important step. For most people, we understand that you can choose artificial stone or natural stone for kitchen countertops, but many people may not know the details. As a professional manufacturer of stone countertops, we are obliged to popularize this knowledge for everyone, hoping to help. At the same time, for the currently popular Calacatta White Marble veins, many artificial stone also use this style and what is difference in Nano Glass and Quartz Stone?

First of all, we know that quartz stone is composed of quartz sand, resin, and pigments. People use vacuum high-pressure machines to generate high-hardness, environmentally-friendly artificial quartz stone slabs.At the same time, the Nano Glass Stone is made by glass, and that material also have very stable quality. The both materials can do any color and patterns. In other words, we can use both artificial stone materials for produce Calacatta White Countertops.

From the perspective of appearance, the appearance of the two artificial stones can be made exactly the same. All have Calacatta White Stone pattern and veins on surface. Of course, there also with a little difference, Nano Glass Calacatta Countertop with smoother features,as that made by Glass. Compare with Calacatta Quartz Slabs, this materials also with own feature.

Calacatta White Quartz Vanity Tops China
Calacatta White Quartz Vanity Tops China

From the perspective of physical data, the quartz stone with higher hardness. At the same time, the Nano Glass with better water absorption performance.In fact, both man made stone slabs and countertops with perfect physical performance and good use.

From the perspective of price, the Calacatta White Quartz Stone with higher price than Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Stone Countertops. For example, the 2cm thickness slabs, the Calacatta Quartz Slab price in $50/m2 to $70/m2. The Calacatta Nano Crystallized Glass Slab price in $40/m2 to $50/m2.

The both countertops materials processing cost is similar. Whatever in sinks holes prefab cut and edges type cut,etc.

Calacatta Crystallized Nanoglass Countertop
Calacatta Crystallized Nanoglass Countertop

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