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What Is The Most Popular Color For Granite Countertops?

September 6, 2020

The natural granite countertops with wide use, that has popular at the market for long time.Even with artificial quartz countertop and Nano Glass Countertops industry developing, there still have a lots of peoples still like to choose natural granite stone for produce kitchen stone countertops for home too. For that reasons, the different peoples have various think about it. ThinkCountertop as a professional stone countertops factory from China, our company has did some very great prefab granite countertops projects in USA, Canada and Australia market till now.

Same like as artificial quartz stone countertops, the natural granite countertops also with very rich colors can choose. At the same time, the different countries and areas with various demand for it too. With so many years developing, ThinkCountertop also have some own basic info about this products in this field too. Some times, we do those granite countertops depends on buyers detailed demand and request. Some times, we also do some new design for customers new kitchen countertops projects too. Then customers will ask what is the most popular color for granite countertops? Is yellow, black or white ? With this question, we want to introduce detailed about this products and colors range and choose together.

When we ready to choose Granite colors and materials for produce stone kitchen countertops,there with many items should be notice. For example, we have to check the countertops and slabs size, shapes, and mateirals physical data feature. Of course, for mostly customers, the granite colors always is very importance too. In general, when we choose granite materials, there have 3 countries are very important. There is China, India,and Brazil. Why those 3 countries? As above 3 places with a lots of and famous granite stone materials that suitable for produce countertops in very high quality and good price. Depends on famous granite origin place, we can introduce those granite colors with detailed.

1 Popular Chinese Granite Colors For Countertops

When we talk about Chinese Granite, the most peoples will think about cheap price at first. That is right,the most popular Chinese Granite colors in cheap price, but that not means this products with not good quality. On the contrary, the most popular Chinese Granite Countertops with very stable color performance and good physical feature too. There have a lots of stone kitchen countertops choose it and there with very great performance at the daily life. Such as there with easy maintenance and cheap price.In addition, the Chinese stone factories with more and more high tech machine and great skill workers, that always can make sure finished products in great quality now. For example, we can list some famous Chinese Granite Colors for countertops produce.

1.1 Yellow Granite G682 Countertops

This mateiral in yellow granite color and that is very popular for produce countertops. In fact, this type of granite material and countertops belongs to TOP 10 popular stone countertops materials in USA market for long time till now. There with a lots of projects choose it for produce tops. Of course, the granite materials also with good feature too. With the original G682 Granite quarry is closed now, this type of granite countertops price is higher than before now.

1.2 Grey Granite G603 Countertops

For those regular stone buyers, they know G603 Granite is most famous light grey granite stone from China. It is not just can do in countertops, but also with very popular and widely produce in other shapes products too. Like as granite paving tiles, granite table tops, and granite vanity tops, granite wall tiles and flooring tiles,etc. If you are like to choose light grey and cheap price granite countertops, this type of product is a good choice.

1.3 Jilin White Granite Countertops

About few years ago, when peoples want to choose and buy white granite countertops from China. The peoples will think about Pearl white granite at first. As that material is very famous and with pure white color. But we know the Pearl white granite can not cut in very big size , that can not meet most big size kitchen countertops request. With more and more granite quarry appear, Jilin White Granite as a new G439 Granite,that can replace other white stone countertops, and it is with very cheap price and stable color and quality performance.

1.4 Shanxi Black Granite Countertops

When peoples looking best black granite stone from China,then the most suppliers will give you advise is choose Shanxi Black Granite. Why choose this material, that just as it is with very perfect quality and very high density,and hardness,etc. When we use it for produce black granite countertops, it is also can do almost all size request. Of course, this product also with expensive price too.

2 Popular Indian Granite Colors For Countertops

2.1 Tan Brown Granite Countertops

When you looking a brown color natural granite stone for countertops produce, the Tan Brown Granite would be a very great choice. This material with black and brown color.At the same time, there also have grey grains on the background too. Just as we list and introduce, this granite quarry from India, and there with big quantity and stable supply. There also have many agents that sell it in Chinese stone market now. Especially, the peoples and factories can easy to buy it from Shuitou,China.Why that material is popular? As this color and textures is easy to match with cabinets and kitchen furniture both. That also is easy to acceptance by western customers too. Of course, this brown granite countertops also with very good quality and price too.

2.2 Black Galaxy Granite Countertops

As we said before, when you ready to buy best black granite countertops from China, then the Shanxi Black Granite is best choice. But that material in pure black color and high price both. If you want to looking a cheaper black granite countertops and can accept black with gold spots ,then this product is a good choice. As it is also with very good price and quality both too. This product also can be cut in very big size and various thickness too. Some times, the peopels also like to use it for produce stone bar tops and door frame,granite flooring tiles,etc.

2.3 White Kashmir Granite Countertops

Even the White Kashmir Granite is not a pure white color natural stone, but that also with very beautiful looks and texture veins. The customers can use this material for cut very big size stone countertops. Especially, this granite stone materials looks like western style stone material, and very pouplar in USA market for long time. As the old White Kashmir White Granite quarry is closed , the most popular material is new type in market now. That also can get a lots of peoples and projects like now.

2.4 Royal Blue Granite Countertops

For blue color natural granite countertops, for those regular stone business peoples, they will know Blue Pearl Granite from Noway. As that blue granite with very beautiful looks and great surface show. In fact, there also have aother famous Indian Blue Granite,that is Royal Blue Granite. This material also is very suitable for produce stone kitchen countertops too.

3 Popular Brazilian Granite Colors For Countertops

Generally speaking, when you check which origin granite stone materials are most popular in USA stone countertops market. That is some beautiful granite stone from Brazil. As we know those Brazilian Granite materials with very beautiful textures and veins. That also can meet peoples want to get a special kitchens dream too.

3.1 Santa Cecilia Granite Countertops

This material belongs to very famous and cheap Bralian Granite Countertops materials. At the same time, some apartments kitchen projects that often choose this material in very big quantity. The stable color and cheap price make this material is very popular now.

3.2 Uba Tuba Granite Countertops

The Uba Tuba Granite is a green color natural granite countertops. This material in dark bright green shade with sparkling silver, gold and tan flecks. The beautiful looks like a gemstone and get more peoples like. Indeed, it is also with very great physical performnace and high hardness too. The customers can choose and cut it in rich size range. In addition, this mateiral also belongs to cheap granite tops products too.

3.3 Venetian Gold Granite Countertops

This Venetian Gold Granite also belongs to famous Brazilian Granite stone in golden color. This granite stone with some problems in color stable, when we cut it in very big quantity, the colors will change a little. But this products why is popular, just as that also with very cheap price too. In addition, that colors can match with most popular cabinets too.

3.4 Yellow Butterfly Granite Countertops

This material with very light yellow color and great surface looks. Of course, the cheap price and stable color make that material suitable for produce some big quantity stone countertops of projects. Indeed, the finished products also with good performance too. That also belongs to cheapest granite countertops from Brazil too.

After introduce those various popular granite colors for countertops produce, we also should to know popular granite countertops surface. In general, the most popular surface is polish, but there also have honed, bush hammered, and flamed brushed,etc. The customers can choose any methods depends on own projects demand and request.

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